Hi there! My name is Stephanie (but you can call me Steph) and I am a freelance graphic designer currently based in Ontario, Canada. From a very early age, design has been my passion - I lived it, I breathed it, and I ate and drank it too. I have been a creative soul in nearly all aspects of my life from the moment I can remember, whether it be designing and executing my 7th birthday party invitation or developing a new brand identity for a corporate client - it's in my blood. 

I spent 5 years at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia (where I was born & raised) studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising. I didn't think that was enough however, so I decided to enroll in a double degree (because you know - who needs a life?) with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Marketing - which is what lead me to move across to the other side of the world. I studied a winter semester exchange at the University of Guelph in 2016, and since then, Canada has been home.


I have been running my freelance graphic design business since 2007, when I was a young, doe-eyed teen with a passion for creating things and living in a world of colour, art, a high speed internet connection and the non-existence of comic sans. I still am that girl today, however I do have a little more tolerance for comic sans (but if you like "Papyrus" or "Chiller" I don't think we can be friends sorry)

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As well as graphic design, I also have 5+ years experience in the events and marketing industry where I was an Event Coordinator and Social Media Marketing Manager for over 25 not for profit organisations in Perth, Western Australia. 

I specialise in branding, web design and print & digital publishing. A huge aspect of my design regime is focusing on typography and vector illustration. I have worked with clients on different levels, ranging from individuals to small businesses to large scale corporate companies and organisations. No project is too big or too small, I love to design and whenever I get the opportunity to, I take it.

My design philosophy is to create with passion and to create with purpose. I find beauty in simplicity, and behind every design should be a story. When I am not buried behind my laptop, I am usually discovering new hiking trails, watching Gossip Girl for the 10th time or eating sushi... or froyo... or pizza... lets just say eating.

Design is on my mind 24/7 - so if you're interested in working together, brainstorming ideas or just want to say hello - drop me a line!


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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the 2020 Orangeville Banner Reader's Choice Awards! I was the recipient of the Gold Award for "Best Graphic/Web Designer"