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The Face Behind  The Brand

my mission to you

As Your Strategic Partner

My mission is to provide quality graphic design and digital marketing solutions at affordable prices, designed to tell and showcase your brands story. I treat every project with integrity and as a unique opportunity to help my clients nurture and expand their business potential through creative vision and insight.

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Meet The Founder

My name is Stephanie, but you can call me Steph. I am an x4-time award-winning designer in the graphic and web design industry since 2004, having created my first logo and website on Adobe Dreamweaver at just 14 years old. Design has been my passion from a very early age - I lived, breathed, ate, and drank it too. I have been a creative soul in nearly all aspects of my life from the moment I can remember, whether designing and executing my 7th birthday party invitation or developing a new brand identity for a corporate client - it's in my blood. ​

I spent five years at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia (where I was born & raised) studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising. I didn't think that was enough, so I decided to enroll in a double degree (because, you know - who needs a life?) with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Marketing - which led me to move across to the other side of the world. In 2016, I studied a winter semester exchange at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, and since then, North America has been home!


I have been running my freelance graphic design business since 2007, when I was a young, doe-eyed teen passionate about creating things and living in a world of colour, art, a high-speed internet connection, and the non-existence of comic sans. I still am that girl today; however, I do have a little more tolerance for comic sans (but if you like "Papyrus" or "Chiller," I don't think we can be friends, sorry)

As well as graphic design, I have 5+ years of experience in the events and marketing industry. I was an Event Coordinator and Social Media Marketing Manager for over 25 not-for-profit organizations in Perth, Western Australia. 

I specialize in branding, web design, social media, SEO, and print & digital publishing. I am an Instagram Strategist, Adobe Specialist, a Certified WIX Partner, and a part of the Shopify Partner program. A huge aspect of my design regime is focusing on typography, minimalism, and intricate composition. In 2020, I pivoted my niche to specialization in the beauty and aesthetics industry. However, no industry is off-limits for me! I love to design, and whenever I get the opportunity to, I take it.

My design philosophy is to create with passion and purpose and tell a brand's story through design. When I am not buried behind my laptop, I am usually traveling to the next country on my bucket list, watching Gossip Girl or Sex and the City for the 100th time, eating sushi, or discovering my new favourite gin.

Design is on my mind 24/7 - so if you're interested in working together, brainstorming ideas, or want to say hello - drop me a line!

Photo of woman sitting on couch with beauty products

Innovative, Reliable & Trustworthy

My unwavering focus on client communication, time management, innovation, reliability, and being relatable to clients makes me different as a graphic designer and website designer. With an innate ability to understand each client's unique needs, I strive to establish clear lines of communication from the beginning. My proactive approach ensures that all aspects of the project are addressed promptly and efficiently while adhering to strict deadlines.


Moreover, I constantly push boundaries by infusing innovative ideas into every design solution, setting myself apart from the competition. Clients can count on me to deliver high-quality work consistently while maintaining open and transparent communication throughout our collaboration process. By establishing a strong rapport with clients based on trust and understanding their vision deeply, I am able to create designs that not only meet but exceed their expectations – making me a standout choice for any design project.

Meet The Team

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Madison Figg was born in Calgary, Alberta, and went to the New Media Production & Design program at the Southern Institute of Alberta. She is a lover of design, storytelling, and how words and visuals can come together to help connect with others. Madison works alongside Stephanie, assisting in Graphic Design tasks, social media graphics and copywriting.

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Creative Together

Have questions? Want to book a FREE 30-minute discovery call? Or are you ready to start telling your brand's story? Click on the button below to fill out an inquiry form and tell me about yourself and your business.

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